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About P1 Construction, LLC

About P1 Construction

Throughout our history – which began in 1919 – P1 Construction, LLC has sought the best facility solutions for our customers. We believe the benchmark of a great company is providing an exemplary experience for the customer while demonstrating the agility to adapt to changing conditions.

Over time, different companies were brought together to form P1 Group, Inc. Today, P1 Group, Inc. operates as P1 Construction, LLC – the same single-source specialty subcontractor that brings facilities to life and creates the solutions that keep them running. Our commitment to enhancing the customer experience, throughout your building’s lifecycle, makes P1 the preferred national provider of facility solutions.

105 +
Years in Business

A Mission of Service

P1 Construction provides premier construction and facility solutions.

Our Vision

We strive to be the preferred national provider of facility solutions through consistent enrichment of the customer experience.

Single-Source Facility Solutions Provider

P1 supports customers in a wide range of markets with comprehensive capabilities, including Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Millwright, and Architectural Metal. But our capabilities extend far beyond that, with in-house engineering design, budget development/cost analysis, construction, and off-site construction.

P1 Business Principles

P1 strives to be the preferred single-source specialty subcontractor, providing comprehensive construction and facility solutions while enhancing the customer experience.

P1 will earn and sustain a “best in class” reputation by delivering quality services and an exceptional working relationship with our customers.

We are committed to maintaining the highest level of safety and quality in everything we do.

Professional conduct is a point of pride at P1. We go above and beyond to ensure everyone is treated with care and respect.

We believe in doing honest business only. This means our business dealings with customers, vendors and subcontractors are honest, fair and equitable.

P1 is committed to being an enduring company. Our short-term success is the pathway to our long-term prosperity.

Markets Served


advanced imaging room in a hospital

Absolute reliability is the standard for healthcare facility systems, which is why so many call on P1 Construction, LLC for hospital and medical center work.

P1’s work within the healthcare marketplace typically accounts for more than 25% percent of our total annual volume. Given our continuous presence in the healthcare sector, we have had many years and projects to develop our strengths and build an excellent team.

Our hospital expertise includes significant knowledge of The Joint Commission’s accreditation standards for healthcare facilities. Our well-qualified project managers and foremen, as well as many of our journeyman tradesmen, are well-versed in these standards as they reference the most current standards for patient safety, infection control, life safety systems and our scope of work.

P1 is fully capable of performing any hospital project or service request. We can build completely new facilities or expand specialized areas such as the OR, MRI, and CCU.

Examples of P1's innovative approaches in healthcare facilities include:

  • A smoke evacuation mode that allows air handing units to react in case of a fire, eliminating the need for smoke dampers and resulting in significant savings.
  • Significant investments by P1 in electronic document management procedures have been instrumental in the success of our healthcare projects.
  • Lean construction practices, utilizing fabrication, Virtual Design Construction (VDC), and real-time estimating and cost monitoring.
  • Utilizing a combination of detailing, coordination, prefabrication, and hard work to successfully complete the rough-in phase of a large hospital, a job that normally spans about two years.
  • Working within already-congested hospitals to make needed improvements and develop creative solutions so that hospitals can remain operational during construction.

In addition, our off-site construction capabilities allow us to manufacture massive quantities of pipe, plumbing, sheet metal, electrical, and modular components for the healthcare market.

Pharmaceutical and Laboratory

pharmaceutical lab after construction project

From traditional laboratory space to highly sensitive BSL3, P1 Construction, LLC has the experience to handle the details that deliver successful projects in the life sciences industry.

The pharmaceutical industry continuously encounters challenges to discover, produce, and manufacture products to improve the overall health and well-being of the public. Each step in this progression is governed and scrutinized by agencies and regulatory requirements that will ultimately provide or deny product approval and dispensation. Accordingly, pharmaceutical facilities must be constructed with care and precision at the outset of the project.

During our decades of experience, P1 has gained an understanding of the laws and regulations that accompany the construction of pharmaceutical facilities and environments, including clean rooms, laboratories, and biological areas. P1 leaves no project detail unattended when collaborating with owners and stakeholders who are vested in providing these sensitive and complex environments.

In addition, our off-site construction capabilities allow us to manufacture large quantities of pipe (including high purity), plumbing, electrical, sheet metal, and modular components for the pharmaceutical market.

Industrial and Manufacturing

industrial manufacturing facility construction project

P1 Construction, LLC understands the specific electrical, plumbing, sheet metal, industrial controls, and millwright needs of industrial and manufacturing facilities. Our craftsmen and millwrights have the experience to execute nearly all construction, installation, and heavy equipment setting tasks on nearly any industrial project.

The scope of our work in the industrial sector includes setting and aligning industrial equipment, providing power and controls, and installing process piping, plumbing, and sheet metal. P1 understands that plant downtimes need to be as short as possible and is accustomed to completing work within compressed schedules.

P1 has had a strong presence in the industrial marketplace for almost a century. Several of our industrial clients are our longest-term customers. P1 is onsite at their facilities nearly continuously, completing various plant upgrades and keeping production lines running.

P1 also has extensive experience with industrial relocation projects and technology manufacturing. Our team has developed a comprehensive and proven detailed planning process, which documents the steps each craft will need to execute in the relocation and assessment of all pre-work that will ensure a smooth transition.

Examples of our industrial and manufacturing projects include:

  • Completing highly regulated projects at food and food-grade product manufacturing plants.
  • Implementing shutdown work at a plant utilizing specialized piping to decrease the amount of downtime to make sure productions lines were up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Executing massive projects on industrial campuses encompassing several buildings and production lines.
  • Completing work to meet the owner’s inspection deadline, with compressed schedules that were met by P1 craftsmen.
  • Serving as prime contractor on many large industrial projects.

In addition, our off-site construction capabilities allow us to manufacture large quantities integrated assembly, pipe, plumbing, sheet metal, electrical, and modular components for the industrial and tech manufacturing market.


commercial construction engineer reviewing commercial construction project

Whether working with multi-tenant office buildings or distribution warehouses, P1 Construction, LLC provides superior craftsmanship and a commitment to quality to ensure a facility’s systems will be installed and maintained properly.

Our extensive experience with various types of commercial buildings has prepared our team for almost any scenario.

Many P1 commercial projects have required unique solutions or approaches including:

  • Implementing substantial overhauls of energy centers, resulting in significant utilities savings.
  • Completing Mission critical work without interruption of service, including data center projects in which we improved cooling efficiency significantly.
  • Developing innovative HVAC design, including projects in which HVAC uses 100% outside air, so AHUs can be smaller and more energy efficient.
  • Fulfilling large-scale projects to optimize workspaces and make them comfortable for clients with business campuses that encompass several buildings.
  • Addressing historical building projects requiring special care.
  • Solving poor building environmental control issues in existing buildings to improve efficiency by correcting design flaws and implementing controls systems.

P1's experienced craftsmen have the knowledge and skills to complete nearly all maintenance, repair and installation tasks. Ranging from equipment setting and fabrication to electrical work and machine overhauls, P1 can get the job done.

In addition, our off-site construction capabilities allow us to manufacture enormous quantities of pipe, plumbing, sheet metal, electrical, and modular components for the commercial market.

Mission Critical

interior of mission critical datacenter with advanced server room requirements

From power generation to data centers, P1 Construction, LLC has provided electrical and mechanical work for mission critical projects for decades. We use best practices on some of the nation’s most complex technical projects to construct the safest and highest quality components.

Mission critical projects are full of nuanced complexities and require teams that thrive on the technically complex. P1 is adept at working within live operating facilities where there is no room for “downtime.” P1 teams exercise both the skill and confidentiality to work on some of the largest mission critical projects in the U.S.

In addition, our off-site construction capabilities allow us to manufacture copious quantities of electrical, sheet metal, pipe, modular, and integrated assembly components for the mission critical market.

Government and Military

military hangar and bunker construction

P1 Construction, LLC has a tried-and-true history with government projects dating back to the 1940s. This relationship continues today, though now with a broader scope and greater geographic reach.

P1 completes projects for local and state government entities each year and has successfully completed hundreds of projects on 25+ military bases. P1 has earned top-level clearance to complete highly sensitive projects with customers like Honeywell and the NNSA.

We understand the unique needs of public projects, and our team is dedicated to improving facilities and minimizing interruptions. Through flexible schedules and creative problem solving, P1 can get the job done.

P1’s experienced mechanical, electrical, millwright, and plumbing craftsmen have the knowledge and experience to execute nearly all construction and installation tasks on a government project. From equipment setting and welding to fabrication and complete machine overhauls, P1 can provide the necessary manpower and experience to get the job done.

In addition, our off-site construction capabilities allow us to manufacture large quantities of electrical, sheet metal, pipe, plumbing, millwright, modular and integrated assembly components for the government and military market.

Higher Education

higher education engineering hall construction project

P1 is dedicated to providing quality services to our higher education customers. Universities are faced with the difficult task of maintaining a strict budget, while providing a top-notch learning environment. We help higher education customers build the best strategies to maximize results and minimize costs.
Institutional facilities, like universities and research facilities, demand reliability of their critical systems. P1 is equipped to meet those unique needs. We have experience working with the delicate environments of bioresearch laboratories and pharmaceutical companies, as well as facilities with biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) areas.

Hospitality and Themed Entertainment

hospitality building and casino construction

In the hospitality and recreation sector, understanding and surpassing expectations are paramount, whether constructing a new development or undertaking modernization projects.

P1 Construction, LLC’s Las Vegas office is particularly well-versed in hospitality projects, including casinos, themed restaurants, and hotels.

P1’s knowledge of the many facets of hospitality and recreation environments and their functions in a service-centric capacity ensures that attention to detail is emphasized throughout every phase of construction.

If you can dream it, P1’s Architectural Metal team can design, fabricate, and install it. The Architectural Metal division has worked for iconic theme parks in Florida and California, creating everything from ride experiences to decorative facades for parking garages and other themed structures. In Hawaii and Arizona, the P1 Architectural Metal team has developed design ideas and functionality solutions for five-star hotels, bars, and restaurants, with a project scope ranging from remodels to new construction.


p1 construction safety

Safety is not a priority at P1, it’s a core value. Priorities change, core values don’t.

P1 Construction, LLC has made a significant investment in our safety program and training, taking a proactive approach to avoiding accidents across company jobsites and all work locations.

With investments in the program and employees who take pride in doing work the right way, P1 is one of the safest contractors in the nation. This is evidenced by our membership in the OSHA Build Safe Partnership. Being a member of the Build Safe Partnership means a company adheres to a strict set of OSHA guidelines. Only 13 companies in the region participate in Build Safe, and P1 has been on that exclusive list for more than 20 years.

Nationally Recognized

P1 has been a multi-year recipient of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) National Safety Excellence Award for the best and most innovative safety program. In addition, P1’s Vice President of Safety was recently named MCAA’s Safety Professional of the Year.

Giving Back to Our Communities

P1 Construction Giving Back

P1 instills a culture of giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Associates from our offices across the U.S. find ways to get involved locally.

  • Kansas City Corporate Challenge

  • P1 Charity Golf Tournament Supporting Fallen Construction Workers and Their Families

  • P1 Corporate Sponsorships Supporting Community Activities and Causes Nominated by Our Own Associates

  • Community Support Activities Throughout Each Year, Including: Veteran’s Community Project, Harvesters, Toys for Tots, Operation Breakthrough, I Have a Name Ministries, American Heart Association, University of Kansas Health System, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Lawrence Memorial Hospital Health Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, American Heart Association

P1 Construction's History Timeline


Abraham David Jacobson founded A.D. Jacobson Company in Kansas City, MO

A.D. Jacobson Company in Kansas City, MO Founded


Melvin Huxtable founded Huxtable & Associates in Lawrence, KS.

Melvin Huxtable founded Huxtable & Associates in Lawrence, KS.


Huxtable opens a Topeka office, Huxtable LT

Huxtable opens a Topeka office, Huxtable LT


Huxtable opens an office in Kansas City: HUX-KC


Charles Brandon, James Gathen, and Smitty Belcher merge A.D. Jacobson and Huxtable & Associates to form the A.D. Jacobson Holding Company.

Headshots of Charles Brandon, James Gathen, and Smitty Belcher


HUX-KC changes name to ADJ-HUX.

ADJ-HUX logo


A.D. Jacobson Holding Company acquires U.S. Electrical and the holding company name changes to P1 Group Inc., encompassing the five companies held: A.D. Jacobson, Huxtable, Huxtable LT, ADJ-Hux, and U.S. Electrical.

five company logos


The five companies consolidate into one with a single name: P1 Group. The single-source capabilities under one roof inspire the company tagline The Expertise of Many, The Power of One.

P1 Group, Inc. Logo


P1 Group opens the Las Vegas office.

P1 Las Vegas Office


P1 Group opens the St. Joseph, MO, office.

P1 St Joseph Office


P1 Group relocates headquarters to 13605 W. 96th Terrace, Lenexa, KS

P1 Kansas City Office


P1 Adds Our Architectural Metal Division

P1 Adds Our Architectural Metal Division


Proud Past. Focused Future. 100 Years Strong! P1 Group celebrates 100 years.


P1 Group splits into two separate companies, P1 Construction, LLC and P1 Service, LLC.

P1 Construction and P1 Service logos combined


P1 Construction opens the Gretna, NE office.

P1 Construction Gretna, NE office


P1 Construction opens the Manhattan, KS office.

P1 Construction opens the Manhattan, KS office.
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