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Offsite Electrical Fabrication - Ready for Installation

P1 offers off-site construction, fabrication, and integrated assembly manufacturing. Our 220,000 sq. ft. facility in Lawrence, KS, houses all trades under one roof, allowing efficient production to meet almost any customer needs including:

  • Low Voltage Stub-Ups

  • Conduit Hangers and Racks

  • Transformer and Control Device Connections

  • Light Fixture Drops

  • Trip Cabinets

  • Switchgear Lineups

  • Wiremold Assemblies

  • Electrical Integrated Assemblies

electricians prepping electrical conduit
electrical conduit ready for installation
prepping electrical systems for installation
complex electrical panel
custom electrical assemblies
electrician fabricating electrical panels
electrical conduit fabrication

Ready for Electrical Installation

P1’s electrical fabrication eliminates the need for mobilization and set-up of large bore benders on a job site. All this work can be completed in a controlled environment with the tools already set up and ready to use.

The end products are shipped to the site ready for electrical installation. We have pre-wired and added support hardware to light fixture assemblies and even built large complex racks of branch conduit for field installation.

Productivity Through Technology

P1 uses cloud computing for quality control and tracking of fabricated products and assemblies for our customers. Tracking codes are affixed to allow for identification, progress in our shops, links to documentation and photos, and access to drawings, specifications and other vital information.

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