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Modular and Facility Integrated Assembly Fabrication Services

With all trades working together, P1 Construction, LLC has many years of experience working side-by-side in our facility. We have fabricated multiple mechanical, electrical, and plumbing skids and assemblies, including multi-trade modular fabrication.

In fact, P1 has successfully fabricated and shipped entire exam rooms across the country!

In today’s world of tech manufacturing and massive data centers, P1 can also create integrated assemblies that are built in our fabrication shops, purchased directly by owners, and installed anywhere in the country.

Examples of our Modular and Facility Integrated Assembly Service Include:

  • Cable Buss Trestle Assemblies

  • MEP Rack Modules

  • Heat Exchanger Skids

  • Heating Hot Water Pump Skids

  • Cooling Water Pump Skids

  • CIP Skids

integrating modular machines
modular electrical systems
modular room fabrication
installing modular lac unit on construction site

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