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Custom Architectural Metal Construction Services

P1 Construction, LLC is home to a highly skilled team, trained in the architectural metal discipline, which serves a variety of customers. Our architectural metal team’s experience dates back years before they joined P1. Led by industry veterans with decades of experience in the architectural metal industry, our experts have learned from the best, solving design-build challenges for large hotel and theme park customers in major cities around the world. From early renderings to stunning completed works, nothing is off limits for our architectural metal team.

Today, the P1 Architectural Metal team works all over the U.S. with a particular focus on themed entertainment, hospitality facilities, and parking garage facades for iconic customers, such as Disney and Waldorf Astoria, in Florida, Hawaii, California, Arizona, and more. From massive multimillion-dollar structures to tiny, detailed pieces, our architectural metal professionals and state-of-the-art equipment can create whatever our clients can dream!

Our Architectural Metal Shop in Kansas City

Our 32,000 sq. ft. Architectural Metal shop, located in Kansas City, Missouri, is home to state-of-the-art equipment to fabricate any kind of project, from huge units to decorative facades with tiny intricate details. The shop has made significant investment in software and equipment, including TRUMPF punch and fiberoptic laser.

Our Architectural Metal Includes the Following Specialties:

  • Large Design/Build Projects

  • Custom Wall and Roof Panels for Building Envelopes and Parking Garages

  • Custom Parts and Components for Major Theme Parks and Themed Entertainment Industry

  • 3D Modeling Used for Integration with Fabrication Services

architectural metal technicians at work at our architectural metal shop
our architectural metal shop in kansas city, mo

Materials Include, But Are Not Limited to the Following:

  • Stainless Steel

  • Titanium

  • Aluminum

  • Copper

  • Pre-Patina Copper

  • Steel

  • Weather Steel

  • Pre-Painted Steel and Aluminum

Our Architectural Metal Equipment

  • Trumpf 500 CNC Punch

  • Trumpf 3000 Fiber-optic Laser

  • Roper Whitney Auto Leaf Brake

  • Standard 5 Axis Press Brake by SolidWorks

  • Revit and AutoCAD

futuristic interior architectural metal project
architectural metal display with natural planters
constructing outdoor architectural metal installation
illuminated outdoor entertainment space
architectural metal walkway overhang
unique space observatory installation
m and m entrance
m and m north elevation architectural metal feature
complex ceiling construction work
intricate ceiling work

Related Construction Services

Design Build and Design Assist

P1 design-build solutions provide a single point of responsibility and offers the building owner many unique project delivery advantages. Constructing design-build and design-assist projects is a strength of P1. Due to our depth of expertise in a wide range of markets, we are qualified to suggest alternate solutions at both a basic and advanced system level.

Virtual Design and Construction

Through multi-trade, in-house VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), or BIM (Building Information Modeling) capabilities, P1 creates 3D computer-generated models of buildings, bringing all facets of a project together so potential conflicts can be identified prior to construction.

Off-site Construction (Fabrication)

P1 Construction LLC has fabrication and construction manufacturing facilities in Lawrence, KS, Las Vegas, NV, and Kansas City, MO to fabricate and build multi-trade integrated assemblies, with all trade shops working together, including pipe, plumbing, sheet metal, electrical, millwright, modular, and architectural metal.


P1 can create complete in-house designs or effectively manage outside consultants. Depending on the budget constraint, P1 can offer cost reduction options from minor specification changes to major system changes.


Using documented and proven historical cost information, P1 is able to provide reliable cost opinions and GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) Estimates used to determine the completed cost of the work and assist in the budget analysis.


P1 develops a detailed schedule, taking into consideration design and drawing status, equipment deliveries, manpower loading, and project milestones, showing the involvement of all related project team members.


P1 Construction, LLC partners directly with the customer or a commissioning agent to ensure new facilities will function optimally when turned over to the owner.

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